DOOM Wars - DOOM Port

Arne Olav Hallingstad
8th December 2007

Port of DOOM into the Quake Wars engine.

Mod (created using the 1.2 SDK): DOOM Wars
DOOM is GPL'ed, source code is availble upon request.

8. December 2007
	* Play DOOM sounds on gui if viewer not locked.
	* Single instance support, full spatialization of sounds.

24. November 2007

	* Input system done, mouse/keyboard input works as expected.
	* Supports finding and locking the camera at an optimal position with optimal view angles.
	* Will currently lock the camera on the GUI whenever the player starts a new game, will return to the player view when the player enters the mainmenu.
	* Basic mod is done, interesting next steps?
	** Support multiple instances?
	** Networking support should be quite doable and don't necessarily require support for running multiple instances.
	** Quake port?

22. November 2007

	* More work towards a genralized game framework with a singleton games manager.
	* Initialize/Think/Draw/Shutdown complete on games created on the games manager, still need to work on properly writing to the render target buffer depending on requested width/height.
	* Initializes Doom fine, correctly draws doom on the GUI!
	* No user input yet.
	* I'm taking some shortcuts with the code to get it working faster. Ideally each game instance should be tied to the GUI in the world, with GUI script support for changing the type of game to display on it. Maybe a new UIGame window def?

21. November 2007

	* Quake Wars SDK 1.2 Beta released, started work on Terminal Doom for Quake Wars.
	* Set up repository/project files, building OK,
	* Base Doom Code off of classic doom source found at: Looked at using the original doom source from ~1997, but it needs a bit more work.
	* Original project idea: Terminal Doom for Doom 3 (, Bernd Kreimeier.
	* Project compiles fine.
	* Added a simple map with a GUI console.
	* Basic material/GUI created with a static screen

Final screenshots

Sound support in Doom Wars

Sound support in Doom Wars


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