Starcraft 2 Streams App

Arne Olav Hallingstad
5th June 2011

Main Features

Starcraft 2 Streams is an Android app I made because I watch a lot of Starcraft streams and I wanted a way of being informed when an interesting stream went online.

The basics are that an adroid system notification is created, optionally with sound and vibration, that lets me know that a stream with at least X amount of viewers is streaming. This way I can be notified automatically, and not have to refresh web pages on my PC all the time to see if there's an interesting stream live.

The app can refresh every X minutes, or when the user does so explicitly. Once the list of streams has been retrieved it is displayed in a list with the stream name, current viewers, a picture and a marquee with the description.

You can click on any of the streams which will drop down a list of options for that stream:

In addition to appearing at the top the favorite streams have separate rules for when a notification is created which means you can lower the threshold for the number of viewers required before it creates a notification for the stream.


The preferences have a lot of options that can be changed:


Filter options are used to limit the number of streams in the list and is off by default.

Notifications - All

The rules for when to create system notifications. If the app is in the background these notifications will still be created so you can use the phone for other things and it would still notify you. The app will only ever notify you of the most interesting stream even if a notification could have been created for multiple according to the rules.

Notifications - Favorites

These are the same as the previous settings, but only apply to favorite streams. All favorite streams are first checked against these rules. All streams are then checked against the all notification rules.

See the previous Notifications - All for the type of options that can be changed.


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